Leopard Kozłowski

Leopold Kozłowski

He was born before World War II in Przemyślany near Lvov (a Polish town at that time).

He is a graduate of Lvov’s Conervatoire as well as Krakow’s Musical Academy. 

Leopold Kozłowski is a composer, conductor and pianist. He was an artistic director of The Jewish Theatre in Warsaw as well as the Gypsy group Roma. He worked as a musical consultant for the folk group Rzeszowiacy. He founded The Dance and Song Group of the Krakow’s military district.

He worked out all the Polish versions of the musical “Fiddler’s on the Roof”.

Leopold Kozłowski is the author of the theatre and film music for among others “Austeria”, “The Winds of War” , “Schindler’s List “ (camp and ghetto songs).

In “Schindler’s List” he acted a part of an Investor. Together with Itzchak Perelman he played in the film “In the Fiddler’s House”.

“The Last Klezmer” is an American production film that tells a story of his extraordinary life and artistic work.

In November 2009 Austeria Publishing launched a book about Leopold Kozłowski entitled “The Last Klezmer of Galicia” written by Jacek Cygan.