Magda Brudzińska KLEZMER TRIO

Magda Brudzińska – polish vocalist, viola player, producer, and arranger. Magda is cooperating with Klezmer-Hois, Publishing house “Austeria” and Leopold Kozłowski for over 10 years.

“Magda Brudzińska Klezmer Trio” – is one of the best , and well known in Europe bands performing traditional instrumental and vocal Jewish Klezmer music. They are all classically trained, professional musicians, guaranteeing the highest level of performance. The band owes its original sound to the unusual low and warm color of singer’s voice.

“…With klezmer it is necessary to be born. It is necessary to have
this spark. If you love this music and it enters the heart, then it is
possible to call yourself a klezmer musician. Magda Brudzińska is an
unusually talented vocalist, she has a unique voice and she has this

Leopold Kozłowski – The” Last Klezmer of Galicja ”

Magda Brudzińska vocal & viola
Jacek Kopiec accordion
Piotr Południak double bass

MBKTrio “Ich Hob”

MBKTrio “Sztejtele Belz”