Klezmer Hois - unique place
Klezmer-Hois ( The House of the Klezmer)  is an exceptional restaurant situated in the 14th century building , once a ritual bathhouse , 100 meters from the Remuh Synagogue. Its culinary offer as well as the décor and artistic atmosphere evoke the ambience  of the pre-war Jewish Kazimierz. Klezmer- Hois is not only a restaurant but also a cozy bookshop with a wide range of books, notebooks, maps, posters  and stationary products designed and published by Austeria Publishing. All our products can be found on the web-sites of the publishing: www.austeria.pl, www.austeria.eu, www.austeriaart.pl
Late Leopold Kozłowski – Kleinmann , the last klezmer of Galicia,  was a co-founder of Klezmer-Hois.  It was him who coordinated and inspired our artistic and culinary  ventures . It  was him who together with Jacek Cygan, a Polish lyricist and poet, created a world famous musical performance   Raisins with Almonds  “ .His famous armchair in the corner of the café is empty now but his spirit overwhelms the place and his music, his history , his jokes and warm personality are still with us.
Klezmer- hois is also a meeting place of the literary Krakow where one , on Monday afternoon , can meet  writers , poets, translators discussing not only literature.